Lagoons Townhouses

Lagoons Townhouses 

DAMAC Lagoons is a new luxury villa complex in Dubai.
The two-story modern townhouse has spacious bright living rooms with a stylish design and a terrace. Each house is surrounded by a manicured green lawn. The panoramic windows offer a gorgeous view of the main feature of the complex – a huge artificial lagoon built in the shape of the letter D.
Everyone's dream is to be on a vacation without leaving the city. The DAMAC Lagoons residential complex makes your dreams come true. Cool clear water, white sandy beaches, palm trees – a unique and coveted atmosphere of tropical islands and breeze.
The sought-after location of the townhouses provides easy access to the four main highways and other roads that allow you to quickly get to the city.
Houses types:
  • 3-bedroom townhouses;
  • 4-bedroom townhouses;
  • 5-bedroom townhouses.
Feature & Amenities:
  • panoramic windows;
  • outdoor terrace;
  • artificial water lagoon;
  • swimming pools;
  • sandy beaches;
  • meditation area;
  • cafe;
  • gym;
  • beauty salon and spa;
  • sports entertainment (rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, skate park, BMX arena, etc.);
  • cycling trails;
  • entertainment (sensory playground, maze, camping);
  • security;
  • parking.

Distance from the sea: More than 20 km

Area: Dubai hills estate

Developer: Damac

Townhouse type: 3 rooms

Townhouse type: 4 rooms

Townhouse type: 5 rooms

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